Jeffrey L. Pittel

Founder of The Benmoore Construction Group, Inc. in 1987

Celebrating 30 Years of Business

The Internet has changed the structure of the service industry. Personal communication has diminished; however, I have always been and always will be available at all times for my clients. I am willing to work with them on budgets, quality of workmanship, value engineering of projects, and scheduling of the projects. My mission is to provide every client with strong service, good plans, quality workmanship, a safe work space and fair pricing. I am responsible for upholding the high standards and I am committed to ensuring that each job runs on schedule and without incident. I maintain constant contact with field personnel and gather information to incorporate into a daily log that monitors the progress of each project. I enjoy very much what I do and love working with my present clients and openly invite new clients.


How can we help you?

We pride ourselves on being a Hands-On Builder involved in all aspects of every project on a day to day basis; fully licensed and insured. Give us a call at 201-489-4466 or fill out the form below and a member of our team will respond promptly.

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