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At The Benmoore Construction Group, our goal is a well-designed and skillfully, safely constructed facility. We are committed to providing quality workmanship and the safe, cost-effective, timely completion of each and every project. Throughout every phase, from concept to design, construction to analysis, we are there for you. Our reputation for excellence is exceeded only by our desire to do whatever it takes to surpass the expectations of our clients. We don’t just complete projects; we build long standing relationships with our clients. No matter the size, every project is given our full and complete attention. Our name is intrinsically linked to your project and we recognize and value the importance of that relationship.

“This letter is to thank you for the high quality of workmanship and construction you have executed on the past few projects we have done together. Your professionalism and communication skills during the projects have provided us with a level of comfort and trust that the build outs were done to the highest level expected and completeness.”

James L. Speck
Project Architect
Lami Grubb Architects

“I look forward to continued success with Benmoore and highly recommend Benmoore Construction to other retailers looking for a reliable company.”

Mr. Henry Gonzales, Architect Baby Guess – Guess Kids Los Angeles, CA

“The permit process was somewhat difficult and your flexibility during that time was helpful in maintaining our opening schedule, as was your willingness to take on some of the work that was to have been completed by the landlord. I found your company to be honest, competent, and capable to build retail stores for Border’s and would recommend your company to other retailers.”

David Weisman, Project Manager Borders Group, Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The Benmoore Construction Group understood the importance of maintaining the integrity of the center during the build-out. I would certainly welcome the Benmoore Construction Group back to our center for future projects.”

Construction: Claire’s Accessories Joseph D. Clark, Mall Manager Clearview Mall Butler, PA

“The elevated quality of service expected by Perfumania Inc. was achieved through indefatigable efforts. Perfumania Inc. has worked with many other local and national contractors and has found Benmoore Construction’s service and performance to be first-rate in comparison.”

Benny Shuflita, Director of Construction & Purchasing Perfumania Inc. Miami, FL

“Anytime we have had projects at one of our plazas or centers which required strict scheduling you have always finished the job on or before the time promised. We have been fortunate to have a company such as yours available, knowing that you are always dependable and your services will always be exemplary.”

H. Barry Shultz, Executive Vice President, Director of Real Estate Robert Belsky Associates Fairfield, NJ

“The Benmoore Group has built over fifty stores (50) during my project management career. The projects always come in on time, not to mention change orders at The Benmoore Group usually do not exist. Mr. Pittel personally visits each site and expresses his view of every aspect of work performed.”

Harry Finkelstein, Project Manager Claire’s Stores, Inc. Pembroke Pines, FL


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